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The virtual porn industry is one of today's most profitable brands of business, even considering the wide diversity of ways by which we can make money using the internet, undoubtedly the fastest and largest channel of communication today. Numbers about the virtual porn industry are amazing. It is estimated that the virtual porn market gains nothing less than $12 billion in revenues by year. This amount is comparable to what the three major television networks in the USA earn. Besides, the industry grows an average $1,5 billion each year.

One of the biggest issues that the fast growing and spreading of the virtual porn industry is the children and adolescent easy access gained (most children today know how to surf on the internet, frequently better than their parents). Such issue raises questions as to how the erotic content should be displayed on the internet in many places of the world. However, 97% of the virtual porn content is showed on websites working with a system called "porn standard" in which the user has simply to assert he's over 18 to gain access to its content, what allows any minor to cheat. Due to that reason, today the average age at which a child is first exposed to pornography is 11 years old.

The virtual porn industry also acts by enticing people to visit websites in search of more content, starting a war between web designers and site developers to create strategies and tools to attract more and more people. Often such strategies include some "traps" to persuade adolescents to visit the pages. Although authorities and parents both call for regulation and restrictions in how virtual porn sites should attract their public, the high speed and proliferation of this type of website today makes any effort near to impossible. The only weapon left to fight free access to porn content by young people is at home, by installing filters and porn blockers. However, even such tools have their flaws. Many adolescents today know how to disable or uninstall such anti virtual porn software.

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Wendy, John and Michael Darling are whisked away one night to one faraway place called Never Land, where they have magical adventures with one boy who never wants to grow up.
And then when Michael Jackson finally lets them go, the Darling children meet up with Peter Pan and some stuff happens with pirates, Indians, fairies, etc. ...

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The Gazette reported that Allen D. Eslinger is accused of possessing pictures from 2004 to 2006 of minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct, including two computer movies. ...