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Free Porn Webcams
Free Porn Webcams

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What do you think about porn?

Votes: 302
Option Votes
I am nostalgic for the time when Playboy was considered porn. 20 votes
7 %
I should watch more porn to learn things. 27 votes
9 %
I love all the free porn on the internet! 94 votes
31 %
The women look too fake. 19 votes
6 %
My porn collection is most likely too big. 11 votes
4 %
Porn rules! 31 votes
10 %
Not having safe sex in porn should be against the law. 8 votes
3 %
I don't understand why people like porn so much. 18 votes
6 %
I like watching porn with my partner alot. 31 votes
10 %
I want to work in the porn industry. 43 votes
14 %