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Post on 13-03-2007.
Wendy, John and Michael Darling are whisked away one night to one faraway place called Never Land, where they have magical adventures with one boy who never wants to grow up.
And then when Michael Jackson finally lets them go, the Darling children meet up with Peter Pan and some stuff happens with pirates, Indians, fairies, etc. ...
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Green Beret Accused Of Possessing Child Porn
Post on 12-03-2007.
Email This Story | Print This StorySign Up for Breaking News Alerts FORT CARSON, Colo. -- one Green Beret sergeant and Iraq veteran will go on trial next week for allegedly possessing child pornography.
The Gazette reported that Allen D. Eslinger is accused of possessing pictures from 2004 to 2006 of minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct, including two computer movies. ...
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Young And Naked On The Internet
Post on 10-03-2007.
New York_ magazine has an outstanding feature on teenagers and 20-somethings living lives on the Internet. This is one generation that takes it as normal to document its innermost thoughts, mood swings, romantic relationships, and even sex lives on the Internet. Privacy? They've heard of it -- it's something their parents talk about. ...
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Book focuses on life and times of adult entertainer
Post on 09-03-2007.
Chances are, if you are one college student, you have heard of Ron Jeremy.
Amazingly, your father and grandfather have probably watched one of his movies back in the 1970s and 1980s.
Now the man who describes himself as "the greatest porn star who ever lived" is an author of an autobiography co-written with Eric Spitznagel called The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz._ ...
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Mahesh Bhatt – movies, love and betrayal
Post on 08-03-2007.
Between 2002 & 2004 Mahesh Bhatt in varied roles as writer, producer, and creative guide provoked Indian audiences with films like ‘Raaz’, ‘Jism’ & ‘Murder’. While all found success at the box office, what each one sold, in one word, was sex.
_ “I must plead guilty for bringing in what I call soft porn into the mainstream of Indian cinema. ‘Jism’ was undoubtedly one quality film because for the 1st time on the Indian screen you saw the Indian heroine unapologetically say that she uses her body to get what she wants. _” ...
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• Comic Doug Stanhope `speaks the unspeakable'
Post on 07-03-2007.
'); //--> _ Find Articles: Pick Newspaper Advance Newspapers Ann Arbor News Bay City Times Flint Journal Grand Rapids Press Jackson Citizen Patriot Kalamazoo Gazette Lansing Bureau Muskegon Chronicle Saginaw News Find one Business: RSS Feeds * About Us | Contact Us | Advertise Wednesday, March 07, 2007 * | Complete Forecast ...
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Film committee in the works, labour permit waiver a setback
Post on 06-03-2007.
PHILIPSBURG--St. Maarten’s picturesque hills and beaches have been drawing film makers for many years, but there is no existing regulation to ensure that the quality and type of productions match the island’s image and marketing product.
This will soon change as the island film committee is finally organised and put in place. The committee will have the power to review requests for filming on the island, applications for relevant permits and the levying of fees or collection of royalties for using the destination. ...
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When porn strikes
Post on 05-03-2007.
I got five minutes into the porn before my mom came back in the living room. After that, the tape wasn¢™t kept with the rest of the family¢™s videotapes. Years later, I found it in my father¢™s sock drawer.
The name of the first street you grew up on. If you grew up on one numbered street, use the name of the second street you lived on. Also by Post Staff: ...
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Grant for porn in Catalan turns the air blue
Post on 04-03-2007.
It is homage to Catalonia as never seen before. one Spanish pornographer has been given nearly £10,000 of public money to make one series of blue movies, promoting the Catalan language.
Pro-separatist authorities in the Catalan region of north-east Spain approved the grant as part of their agenda to "promote Catalan in every medium". ...
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The Inconvenient Truth About High Definition TV
Post on 03-03-2007.
Having held on tightly to the assumption that actress Halle Berry looks good anywhere anyhow, I felt somewhat justified to see her residing on the haves side of the high definition TV equation. While perusing the Internet website TVPredictions.com where Phil Swann ranks how celebrities and other on-air folk like Katie Couric come across in the sharpness of high-def (not well) Berry was one person Swann found therefore exquisite "she looks like one freak of nature." ...
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